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  • Language Learners Grand Masters – Stu Jay Raj

    Posted on January 4th, 2009 Mairo Vergara 4 comments

    stujayrajAfter a short Christmas and End/New Year’s break we are back with our Language Learning Grand Master Articles. Today I bring you the communication consultant Stu Jay Raj from Thailand. Different from Stephen Krashen, Stu Jay is neither an academic researcher nor a linguistic. He’s, in my opinion, one of the guys farther away from the bulk of language researchers/teachers/linguistics out there. Farther away in the sense you can really learn a lot about language learning with him. As well as many great language learners out there, Stu Jay cares more about teaching how to learn languages than teaching the languages itself. It’s a tendency between polyglots and I believe it will grow up in the future, although it will for certain take time.

    Stu Jay approaches language from a rather communicative, social, and interactive perspective, seeing language as a kind of social and interative skill, in a very practical and useful way. But, at the same time, not in a mechanical way. This may seems complicated, but as soon as you watch some of his videos you’ll get what I’m trying to say.

    Stu Jay speaks more than 10 languages, and the interesting thing is that he speaks languages that I have never even heard about like Lao and Urdu. Maybe his different approach to language learning comes from the fact of he being from Thailand, living in a very different culture.

    You can learn a lot about him and his ideas on language learning at his blog Behind The Curtain, and also at his YouTube Channel. But before leaving this blog, take a time to watch this two video where he talks about some of his ideas and approaches to language learning.


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    • Jonathan Mahoney

      Stu’s not from Thailand, he’s Australian. He just lives in Thailand.

    • Hi! can you give a background of yourself? How you started getting into learning, what interested you in languages, how did you to where you are now. etc. thanks!

    • hi, nm, you answered the questions in the 2nd youtube video. You’re amazing! I wish i can learn as many languages too but it takes such a long time!

    • Man ! You is incredible! You inspired me !
      Anata wa subarashii da yo ! Omedetoo !