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  • Revolutionary approach to learning languages!

    Posted on January 28th, 2009 Mairo Vergara 6 comments

    revolutionary-article-on-language-learningKatz just twittered (can use twitter as a verb? “to twitter”) about this great article: Revolutionary approach to language learning. By the way, you can follow me on twitter at

    “Teachers should recognise the importance of extensive aural exposure to a language. One hour a day of studying French text in a classroom is not enough—but an extra hour listening to it on the iPod would make a huge difference,” Dr Sulzberger says.

    This kind of article makes me think that someday in the not-near future, students will receive iPods when enrolling on language courses, play RPG games to improve their reading abilities, use SRSs, and set up blogs in their target language (just like me…).


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    • I don’t think schools give away free iPods (there are cheaper MP3 players out there) but the idea of using podcasts in language learning is certainly a good idea. I remember the terrible cassettes we had to listen to in French class when I was in school…if only we had had resources like FrenchPod or Youtube back then.

      The same goes for my Mandarin classes. Podcasts were pretty much unheard of when I was studying for my BA in Modern Chinese Studies. Not only were we using the old Practical Chinese Reader books for our courses, we also had to use the CASSETTES for our listening practice (which meant having to buy an old cassette player especially for that). Chinesepod would have been a valuable resource in my studies if it had been around back then…

    • When I said iPod I meant any mp3 player, hehe.

    • If those things help the student… actually, I see it as a way of study, as you said. If the guy is learning something, holy crap, give him the iPod! (No, schools won’t give iPods… but it’d be a nice idea)

    • I don’t know how revolutionary this is. People have been saying, and doing, this for years.

      Speaking of saying, for a supposedly intelligent person he did say something kind of obvious and bordering on dumb: “He says people trying to learn a foreign language in their home country are at a disadvantage compared to those who travel to another country and immerse themselves in its sounds and culture.”

    • =\

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